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As said by S, there's a million reasons why i should gave you up but the heart wants what it wants.


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To fell for someone who claimed as single but in fact getting married in few months with your acquaintance is just so fucked up.

about erin

i am bored most of the time. a student. few part time jobs. low income. plenty of free time. so i blog and DIY! heh.

as we grow older. less / nothing / no one to impress. its just us living our life til the end. and no one really care about you anyway.

just realized this blog was since 2009. so i publish one of my old post to remind how a blog-wannabe i was; with aimless posts (others i reverted to drafts) hahah. but i know 99% of this blog will be aimless and, yeah, random.

erin being serious