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Funny to follow / to have multiple social accounts (Fb, Ig, Twitter, etc) yet updating the same photos / quotes, and yet the same friends / followers.

Funny to have multiple social accounts (Fb, Ig, Twitter, etc) for different alter ego (s) / purposes for different audiences.

What's funnier ? Erin sticks to blogging with 27 inactive followers.

Thank you.

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Kau ya comel. N ngegeh. Sapa berbini kau untung. Cuz xboring bah klaka n berguro. N perhaps klaie.

Quite refreshing to be complemented such way but it ended when Erin's realized it was from a / one person.  (0.00000000000000000000001% / not significant). But hey, thank you.

I am passionate.

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Few traits are more seductive than a zeal for life. When someone has found her passion, she comes alive in a way that draws you in. It makes you want to back her up and help her succeed — not that she needs your assistance.
She was passionate about her work, her craft and her life, long before you arrived. Now that you can see that passion in her eyes as she lights up when she talks about it, you’re hooked.
The good thing about passion is that it doesn’t stop. Passionate people are passionate about almost everything in their lives.
So when she kisses you, it’s one hell of a kiss. In bed, she will wow you. Her faithfulness is beyond reproach because nobody can tear her away from someone she’s passionate about (i.e. you).
Dating a passionate woman with the zest and energy required to live her life the way she wants to live it is always an adventure that you would be a fool to turn down. Just ask George Clooney; someone without passion doesn’t hold that intense, wild, limitless gaze that holds your attention.
She looks more like a deer in headlights, dazed and confused, perhaps waiting for someone else to show her what she should do as she looks to latch onto someone else’s life goals, or just the benefits. She might be okay for a night, but you’ll end up getting bored and distancing yourself from her because you literally see nothing to her but her physical appearance.
You walk away, most likely into the arms of the passionate woman you just met at Starbucks who smiles from ear to ear as she talks about how much she loves saving the lives of animals as a veterinarian.
When you place these two women side by side, the one with passion always stands out, even if she’s not the prettier of the two. The one without it, you’ll soon forget.

from Looks are overrated

But Erin tends to passion towards a person. So once he's / she's gone then Erin is dead?

Google of the day

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Industrial look DIY.
Erin's favourite results.
Then pinned into Erin's Pinterest and inspires Erin for the whole week.
To be done? Depends. 

 How about you?

about erin

i am bored most of the time. a student. few part time jobs. low income. plenty of free time. so i blog and DIY! heh.

as we grow older. less / nothing / no one to impress. its just us living our life til the end. and no one really care about you anyway.

just realized this blog was since 2009. so i publish one of my old post to remind how a blog-wannabe i was; with aimless posts (others i reverted to drafts) hahah. but i know 99% of this blog will be aimless and, yeah, random.

erin being serious