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Yes. We are no longer together yet we always had each others' back. If i have my way, I still want to be with you.

Now. Close to other(s) but knowing no future ahead is umm... Okay.

The other one. With the heart.

The other one. More or less heartless.

But i believe everyone had their way to show the love.


about erin

i am bored most of the time. a student. few part time jobs. low income. plenty of free time. so i blog and DIY! heh.

as we grow older. less / nothing / no one to impress. its just us living our life til the end. and no one really care about you anyway.

just realized this blog was since 2009. so i publish one of my old post to remind how a blog-wannabe i was; with aimless posts (others i reverted to drafts) hahah. but i know 99% of this blog will be aimless and, yeah, random.

erin being serious