conversation with orang tua

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boring2. dudok rah meja dapo. bertemankan Datin Jane. nya molah tampong seribu (quilt). so. terboring boring.. amik la ku gamba tek...

then. diat AF Konsert ke 2. diat time nak abis jak pun. serpeh serpehan. time ya Datin Jane sik diat. ku gurin sorang2 depan tv. dah ku tuka channel lain, dah abis AF tek nak datang la nya tek. selamba nanyak:

eh, apa oleh nemiak berlagu tek? AF ya. apa oleh nya tek, beg agik kah?

Hahah! nakka simbolik nemiak af klua ngembak beg. nya pk beg ya adiah to those yg menang. lol.


about erin

i am bored most of the time. a student. few part time jobs. low income. plenty of free time. so i blog and DIY! heh.

as we grow older. less / nothing / no one to impress. its just us living our life til the end. and no one really care about you anyway.

just realized this blog was since 2009. so i publish one of my old post to remind how a blog-wannabe i was; with aimless posts (others i reverted to drafts) hahah. but i know 99% of this blog will be aimless and, yeah, random.

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